The Griffin & Howe scope mount systems have been the proven, quick-detachable systems that return to zero every time. Our Sidemounts and Topmounts have been the choice of serious sport hunters for over 70 years. Our Garand mounts, originally made for sniper scope use under contract to all the U.S. Armed Forces, are still popular with today's shooter.

TOPMOUNT custom made and installed only by Griffin & Howe
with 1" rings $850
with 30mm rings $950
extra pair 1" rings $450
extra pair 30mm rings $550

The Griffin & Howe Sidemount For Sporting Rifles

Std 1 inchHigh mount30mm ring
1 inch
Sidemount Complete with 1” Standard Rings, Uninstalled $400
Sidemount Complete with 30mm Rings, Uninstalled $500
Top Half Only (Bracket and Rings) – with 1” Standard Rings $375
Top Half Only (Bracket and Rings) – 30mm rings $475
Top Bracket only, without Rings
  (Note: Some adjustment and fitting to existing base will be required.)
Rings Only – 1” Standard $150
    ---1" High Rings (3/8" higher)
    (most often chosen to allow larger scope objective lenses to work
    with previously installed bases)
    ---30 mm Rings $250
Plain Base Only $125
Supplied with Screws and Pins

The Griffin & Howe Garand Side Mount

Available Only with One Inch Top Ejection Rings
Base Only $125
Rings Only $150
Top Bracket only, without rings $225
Top Half (Bracket & Rings Only)
(Note: Some adjustment and fitting to existing base will be required.)
Base, Bracket and Rings Complete, Uninstalled
(Supplied with Screws and Pins)

Griffin & Howe SIDEMOUNT Installation Instructions

Installation should be done only by a competent gunsmith.


#29 drill (#298)
#21 drill
#10 drill
#0 tapered reamer
9/32" counterbore

Remove barrel and action from stock. Mount scope into rings, and assemble sidemount together. Center base to loading port and clamp to action. Adjust to height desired and boresight. Top of base should be parallel to base of action and trued to perpendicular. Adjust scope so that rear on eyepiece is over the tang. Be sure to allow enough vertical clearance for the bolt to operate and clear the eye piece of the scope. Mark the front and rear of the base at the tangent point of the radius on the action.

Remove base and mill a radius in it to match the contour of the action. Clamp scope and mount to the action in desired position, aligning for parallelism, perpendicularity, clearance and location as above; then reboresight. In the set clamped position, drill 2 holes for #0 tapered pins with a #298 drill through base and action (see drawing for location) and ream holes with #0 tapered reamer and insert pins.

Drill 3 holes with #21 drill through base and action (see drawing). Remove base and tap the 3 holes in action with a 10-32 tap.

Enlarge screw holes in base with #10 drill; then counterbore the holes so screw heads will seat flush when assembled. Trim any excess material from the bottom of the base, remove all burrs from base and action. Assemble base to action, fitting 2 pins and tightening 3 screws securely. Grind off any ends of screws and pins that protrude inside or outside of the action. Polish and reblue as necessary

G & H Recoil Pads

This traditional style recoil pad has been associated with best quality guns for decades. As attractive as it is functional, its classic design effectively absorbs recoil.

Pad only: $35.00

Our gunsmiths will furnish and expertly fit the pad pictured to your rifle or shotgun: $225.00

Griffin & Howe English style pad, rounded and leather covered, (not pictured): $350.00

Griffin & Howe Purdey style pigskin covered pad, (not pictured): 475.00

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